Mountainside Manors of Mesa Verde (#625)

More photos of the Cliff Dwellings at Mesa Verde National Park where the Anasazi or Ancient Ones lived.

They entered the rooms by wooden ladders from the top of the structures.  To get to the mesa above, they used rope ladders.  The Anasazi were hunters and gatherers but they also  grew corn, beans and squash.

Sometime during the 14th century, they disappeared from these dwellings.  Leaving behind many artifacts including woven baskets and pottery.

No one really knows what happened to the Anasazi.  There is speculation that they went to live elsewhere, or that invaders captured them.

Those in tune with the mystical forces of the Universe believe the Anasazi ascended to the heavens; becoming the stars that shine down upon us from above.


Anazasi Cliff Dwelling


A Single Family Home Perhaps ?



Where the Ancient Ones Lived

Where the Ancient Ones Lived



oxo ~ Annie


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2 Responses to Mountainside Manors of Mesa Verde (#625)

  1. Sherrill Parry says:

    Amazing – from a distance you would never know there was anything there. Blows my mind how they dug out the rocks to make a little city. What an adventure.

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